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A Brief Guide To Touring In Byron Bay

A Brief Guide To Touring In Byron Bay


Byron BayIs it a case of self fulfilling prophecy that when Captain James Cook found safe port off the coast of what would become New South Wales in 1770 he named the beautiful harbour for the grandfather of Lord Byron? Could any boy bearing the name of such a beautiful place ever become anything other than a famous poet? To tour Byron Bay is to exist within a work of poetry itself.  The later settlers of the wooded seaside area would name the streets for other English writers. Slowly a story would unfold. A story told in poetry and prose about country so lovely, so mild, and so scenic that all who visited became enchanted. It is no surprise that Byron Bay’s become both a popular tourist destination and one that everyone wishes to keep secret from all but their closest friends. Who would ever want to spoil this idyllic paradise? Of course, nowadays, even with its rustic charm and off-the-beaten-path feel you can find all the modern conveniences you could ever want within this lovely beachfront community. But, somehow, that doesn’t detract from what is truly a country town. Perhaps its the freedom loving, hippy-esque attitude of the town or the fact that its tourism history began with its discovery by surfers in the 1960s, but Byron Bay is one of those few places that is simultaneously well developed yet unspoiled.


Here are a few must-do experiences that illustrate the welcome contradiction that is Byron Bay.

Get Higher Than You Ever Have… In A Gyrocopter

A gyrocopter is what you would get if you crossed a helicopter, a moped and a remote controlled toy airplane. And it’s also probably the most fun you can ever have. Strap yourself into one of these mechanical mosquitos and you can get the view of the Byron Bay once reserved only for birds and butterflies. If anything can be both relaxing and exhilarating it’s buzzing over the aptly named volcano, “Mount Warning,” with a flight instructor pointing out all the sights. My suggestion is reserve a sunny day for this – you do NOT want to miss it!

Kayaking With Blue Whales

Why go whale watching when you can go whale petting? Most people never even get to see a blue whale, but you can take a sea kayak straight out to the surf and, with any luck, meet one of the coast’s family of the world’s largest residents. Whales aren’t the only marine life you’re likely to encounter by the bay. Dolphins also abound, as do a great variety of fish and sharks. Do NOT forget your camera – getting up close and personal with a blue whale is a once in a lifetime experience and you do not want to miss the opportunity to snap a photo. This is just one of the experiences offered by Byron Bay Adventure Tours, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Byron BayKick Back And Enjoy The Finer Things

Don’t get the wrong idea – Byron Bay isn’t just about the natural life. Sure you can go out hiking for days and days or lounge on the beach and enjoy the surf, sand and sun but there is a cosmopolitan side to this lovely city, and it is expressed in its fresh yet funky eateries, health spas, bars and pubs, indoor rock climbing and general air of fun of liveliness. Of course there’s still stand up paddling, horseback riding and all the activities geared towards the plains and waterways. I guess the only way to describe Byron Bay is that it is a place where you don’t get away from it all. You get away from almost it all. If you’re the type who wants to enjoy nature and still have a great dinner and a flushing toilet, Byron Bay is one of the best places you can go.


Tune in for more about touring Byron Bay soon!


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