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Schedule Brisbane Bus Charters for International Study Tours, to Get the Most out of Your Brisbane Trip

In our four and a half years as a business, one of the things that has most set Brisbane 360 apart from other Brisbane bus hire companies is our commitment to providing a superb experience for international guests. From charter buses for corporate groups to touring bus hires for schools and universities, a massive 80% of our Brisbane bus charters will have international guests on board. We see it as our responsibility to focus on providing these guests with a better experience than they might have elsewhere.

Why Brisbane 360’s Bus Charters Are Ideal for International Groups

Groups of international students or business associates will often opt to book Brisbane coach charters with Brisbane 360. We are happy to say that, at this point, our reputation for exemplary international service precedes us.

What sets us apart from other Brisbane coach hire companies in this regard? First off, at Brisbane 360, we simply recognise the fact that overseas travellers might have slightly different needs than Brisbane locals (or even Australian travellers spending time in the area). It’s this sensitivity to different needs and perspectives that most positions Brisbane 360 as an international-friendly bus charter company.

Another factor that makes us ideal for overseas groups—particularly international study tours—is our status as both a charter and touring company. Some clients will engage our services for simple transportation needs. For instance, a corporate group might book one of our Brisbane bus charters to transport guests from the airport to a hotel or conference site. We are happy and able to take on these more straightforward transportation services.

However, we are also a touring charter company with a vast knowledge of nearby sites and attractions. We can show international groups around the Brisbane area and provide insight and context on various locations and destinations. We also frequently travel beyond the metropolitan area, providing detailed educational tours of Queensland. We can travel anywhere in Australia, so our touring itineraries can be quite flexible based on the specific needs of your group.

Lastly, we are happy to offer translation for international groups. If your group is coming from a foreign country and doesn’t speak much or any English, don’t worry. We have connections with translation services throughout the Brisbane area, for languages including Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), Spanish, Korean or Vietnamese. Contact us directly to speak about your translation needs.

Choose Our Brisbane Coach Charters for Your Next International Study Tours

With translation services, a versatile fleet of vehicles, the flexibility to go anywhere in Australia and a knowledgeable team of people who know the sites and history of Brisbane, Queensland and Australia as a whole, Brisbane 360 is the ideal bus hire company for your next international study tour. If you are interested in booking a charter tour through us, feel free to contact us directly on 1300 BNE 360. We look forward to learning how we might serve you, your students, your associates or other members of your group during their visit.