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Plan a Custom Group Bus Charter Tour: Hire Brisbane 360 Today

At Brisbane 360, we are a flexible group bus hire company in Brisbane. Sometimes, our drivers and fleet vehicles work as airport transfers, chauffeuring guests from the airport to their hotels or other destinations. Other times, we take on corporate groups, international study groups or event wedding groups to handle their touring, travel or transportation needs. We even have a few pre-planned charter tours that we offer to nearby attractions—such as Byron Bay, Mount Tamborine, Springbrook and Stradbroke Island.

Our Customer Group Bus Tours in Brisbane

If your group bus charter needs don’t align with any of the categories discussed above, have no fear. Our flexibility at Brisbane 360 goes one step further, as well. Indeed, if you have a particular type of trip or group tour that you would like to take, we are happy to help you design a custom tour around one of our group bus charters in Brisbane.

What trips or tours can you plan with Brisbane 360? As the old mantra goes, the sky is the limit! Perhaps you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party and like the idea of wine or beer tours. Maybe you and your family are visiting the area, and you want to do a simple private tour of some of Queensland’s most famous sites. Maybe you love wildlife and want to do a tour that spotlights exotic birds and animals.

No matter your vision, Brisbane 360 can help you plan the kind of tour that both you and your guests will never forget. With a large fleet of vehicles and a wide range of different vehicle sizes making up our fleet, we have the freedom to accommodate virtually anything you might want to do. Multi-day camping? We can take you to your destination and pick you up when you’re done. Educational field trip? We can be your knowledgeable tour guides. Photography tour? Our drivers know all the best places to capture Australian splendour.

Our group bus tours can go far beyond Brisbane, too. Indeed, our drivers have covered Queensland many times over and know the entire state exceedingly well. If your destination is farther away, we are game for that kind of journey too. We can travel anywhere in Australia, depending on what you have in mind.

Start Planning Your Itinerary Today!

Our custom group bus charters in Brisbane are popular because we provide both transportation and planning. If you have a tentative idea for a tour but haven’t fleshed it out yet, just give us a call. Our experienced team members will help you plot out your itinerary, providing tips and recommendations where you need them and deferring to your judgment when necessary.

Repeatedly, the results of these freewheeling planning sessions have been nothing short of sensational. Our custom tours boast high customer satisfaction rates, simply because we build each tour to suit customer wants and needs.

Do you have an adventure that you’ve been dying to take for years? Let Brisbane 360 help bring it to life for you and your group. Give us a call on 1300 BNE 360 to start discussing your custom tour today.