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Why a Private Charter Bus Hire in Brisbane Is Ideal for Wedding Groups

When you are planning a wedding, there are so many different angles to consider that it’s easy for certain elements of your special day to go overlooked. Perhaps one of the most oft-overlooked wedding day considerations is transportation. How will you and your wedding party get from your home or hotel to your ceremony site to your reception venue and back again? Just as importantly, how will your guests be making the same trek?

Thinking about these questions now can help avoid both stress and danger later. Realising late in the planning stages that you haven’t planned for transportation can make the last few weeks leading up to the wedding a hectic and chaotic time. Failing to make any plans for transportation, meanwhile, can lead to guests getting behind the wheel after drinking at the reception—never a good mix.

Simplify the Process with a Private Bus Hire in Brisbane

At Brisbane 360, we want to take the stress, risk and complication out of your special day. Among the many types of private charter bus services we offer in Brisbane, we are happy to arrange wedding buses for both small and large groups.

Do you need a van or a small bus to take you and your wedding party from point A to point B, or to shuttle you around for photographs? Our fleet includes 13 and 24-seat vehicles that should fit the bill nicely.

Alternatively, are you looking for a bus to serve as a convenient wedding shuttle for your guests? Our fleet also includes larger and more spacious vehicles in 33, 53 and 61-seat configurations. With one or two of these shuttles running between your key wedding locations throughout the day (hotel, ceremony location and reception location) you can make sure that everyone is getting where they need to go in a timely and stress-free fashion.

In all cases, you can expect a safe and comfortable transport experience from our private bus hires in Brisbane. Our vehicles aren’t outdated school buses, lacking in seat belts, air conditioning or comfortable seats. Instead, our vans and buses are modern and fully accommodated—featuring seat belts, air conditioning, comfortable seats, generous legroom and enough space for everyone. Our drivers, meanwhile, are safety and passenger conscious, and know the Brisbane area extremely well. In other words, we can eliminate the possibility of your guests getting lost on your wedding day.

Get a Quote for Your Wedding Bus Hire Today

Are you interested in working with Brisbane 360 to hire a private charter bus for your Brisbane celebration—either for your wedding party, your guests or both? If so, we are happy to provide a free, zero obligation price quote based on your number of guests and key details about pickups and drop-offs. To get your quote, click here and fill out the form, making sure to select ‘Wedding Bus’ from the ‘Travel Type’ section. We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours with an accurate estimate of what you can expect to pay by booking through us.