11111 Productive things to do in Bayron Bay Australia

Productive things to do in Bayron Bay Australia

Productive things to do in Bayron Bay Australia

ScubaScuba Dive Byron Bay

Have you ever heard the expression that going to the beach without scuba diving is just like going to the circus and watching the show from outside the tent? Well, as a scuba diver myself, I can reassure you that if you have never submerge under the waves in order to explore the hidden beauty of the underwater world, you are missing out!

If you are visiting Byron Bay, why not use your time productively and head out into one of the worlds most popular diving spots? Thanks to its location right next to the great barrier reef, diving spots at Byron  amaze you with their rich marine life, from thousands of species of tropical fish, sea turtles and impressive reef sharks, you are in for a real experience, one that you are unlikely to ever forget.

In case you need a little extra reasons to be fully convinced about the beauty that populates the julian rocks marine reserve at Bayrin

Bay, why not head to this link goo.gl/Zntjdt and see the stunning creatures

you’ll be able to see through your own eyes, trust me on this one, there’s no way Google will ever make it justice, you will have to  go and see it for yourself!

Sea Turtle Snorkel Tours

Ok, without trying to sound like some sort of underwater-obsessed individual, just let me explain that the fear of being submerged and breathing through a

‘hose’ is the main reason why people will escape the change of scuba diving, so, why not begin what could be one of the best experiences of your life through the a friendly version: snorkeling!

Generally snorkeling tours are aimed at sea turtles since their friendly demeanor and numbers allow for easy spotting in the huge  Julian rocks marine reserve. All scuba diving shops and travel agents offering tours will have the option of this activity, so don’t be afraid and get your diving mask and snorkel on!


A fusion between the old practice of Yoga and the modern Pilates, Yogalates has steadily become a world wide acclaimed exercise system. Take the time to experience this new for of keeping fit, who knows? This might be your new favorite thing!

Right here at Bayron Bay you will have the  chance to attend classes by recognized trainers, who are also very experienced in holistic medicine and therapies. You can see the schedule of all classes at Yogalates official site . Furthermore, in case you really want to take this system seriously, you can always opt for further training ion order to become a certified instructor, all within the locality of Bayron Bay.

Byron Bay Art Studio – Irena Kirpichnikova- Become an artists in 3 hours!

With the promise of transforming you into an artist with in 3 hours, Irena Kirpichnikova certainly seems to have a good proposition for all visitors. According to the online world (and a big number of great reviews by the way) this master-ninja of the arts will show you a couple of techniques that will allow you to paint something so amazing that ‘you will want to frame it’.

Held at Byron Bay Art Studio (see the map below for directions)  the classes are held daily and can be arranged for a small number of participants as-well as bigger groups such as corporate or travel groups. You can see some pictures, reviews and comments at the artists facebook page (and in all honesty, if I painted something like any of those shown, I would frame it too!)

In case you have any questions or would like to arrange any transport around Brisabane and Bayron Bay, just send us a message and we will do the rest!

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