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Make Camps and Field Trips a Breeze, with School Bus Charter and Tour Hires in Brisbane

Is your school looking for a way to affordably shuttle kids to a field trip, after school camp, sporting activity or some other extracurricular event? If your existing school bus arrangement doesn’t provide busing for these kinds of activities, just give us a call at Brisbane 360.

We are a respected charter and tour bus company that has been operating in the Brisbane area for four and a half years now. In addition to providing general charter services for international study groups, corporate teams and other groups, we also offer school bus charters in Brisbane. If you need to get your students somewhere in a safe and convenient way, we are the service to get them there.

Our School Busing Experience

It’s not uncommon for schools to hire charter bus companies for field trips, sports trips and other school-related excursions. However, it isn’t every tour bus company in the Brisbane area that brings actual school busing experience to the table.

At Brisbane 360, we are unique. If you choose us as your school bus hire in Brisbane, you are selecting a business that has been working with both private and public schools for years. We know how to gear our transportation solutions to suit school needs. We also always provide safe vehicles and safe drivers, to ensure that your students get from point A to point B without risk or need for concern.

Are you interested in learning more about our experience serving private and public school clients? Feel free to give us a call on 1300 BNE 360. We are happy to talk with you about the work we’ve done in the past and why we are qualified to serve you and your students.
Why You Might Use Our School Bus Tours in Brisbane

Wondering if Brisbane 360’s form of school transportation is the right fit for your current situation? Here are a few of the cases we’ve helped schools with in the past:

  • Sporting Events: Away games or meets present logistical difficulties for schools, students and coaches alike. This is especially true if your team won’t know whether it has qualified for a competition until the last minute. At Brisbane 360, our school bus charters are the perfect fit for sporting events. We can even work with last-minute scheduling to get your student athletes where they need to be.
  • Field Trips: From daytime adventures to overnight excursions, field trips are one of the significant transportation challenges that schools face. Use a school bus tour from Brisbane 360 to remove the complications and stress of planning these school adventures.
  • Camps: Offering off-site camps for kids after school is a great way to provide additional enrichment and educational opportunities. The question is, how do you get kids to the camp locations when most of your school’s busing resources are tied up with taking other children home? Brisbane 360 has the answer.

Regardless of whether your school’s transport needs fit into one of these categories, we are happy to speak with you about your situation and try to arrive at an optimal solution. To enquire about our school bus hire services in Brisbane, click here and fill out our ‘Fast Quote’ form.