11111 Terms and Conditions - Brisbane 360

Terms and Conditions

-It is the Customers responsibility to check & verify the above booking confirmation, that the details are accurate & correct.
-Prices quoted are based on the information provided to Brisbane 360, and are subject to change if and when details of the booking change.
-Brisbane 360 claims no responsibility for missed connections, flights or other pre-booked events or appointments. In the case of a breakdown, Brisbane 360 will act in the quickest possible manner to supply another vehicle.

Cancellation Charges:
-Cancellation more than 7 days prior: No Charge
-Cancellation between 7 days and 3 days prior to the booked charter date:
20% cancellation fee incurred unless new booking made.
-Cancellation between 3 days and 24 hours prior to booked date:
40% cancellation fee incurred unless new booking made.
-Cancellation within 24 hours prior to booked date:
60% cancellation fee incurred. Reduced to 20% if a new booking made.
-Cancellation on the day of booking, or failure to arrive for booking:
100% cancellation fee incurred.

Overtime Charges:
<15min after booked departure time: No Charge >15min after booked departure time: Charged in 30min blocks, or part there of.
(Please contact for pricing)

Brisbane 360 accepts no responsibility for restrictions relating to vehicle access at any location.

If Alcohol is to be consumed at a venue prior to pickup, the following requirements must be met before anyone is allowed to board the bus/coach.
– The driver will collect a $500 cash bond at pickup, and this will be returned at the end of the day/journey, provided there is no damage or excessive mess (including spills)
– No Food or Drink (including alcohol) is allowed open on the bus. The driver will not leave until all drinks have been consumed outside of the vehicle.
– Any unscheduled stops (including bathroom stops) will incur a minimum $20 charge EACH, payable to the driver from the $500 bond provided at the beginning of the Day/Journey.
– The driver at any stage will refuse anyone onto the bus if he/she deems them too intoxicated, and/or a risk of damage/vomiting