11111 Visit Tamborine Mountain

Visit Tamborine Mountain

Visit Tamborine Mountain


Tamborine Mountain is a natural gem just one hour from the Gold Coast’s sunny beaches. A cool, green refuge from the sweltering Australian heat, Mt. Tamborine attracts visitors all year round to marvel at her flora, fauna and laid back tourist attractions.


Tamborine MountainDo Not Expect Tambourines On Mount Tamborine

First of all, let’s set the record straight: Tamborine Mountain’s name has absolutely nothing to do with the musical instrument reserved for band 1960s and 70s band members’ girlfriends. “Tamborine” is the English way of pronouncing the word that means “wild lime” in the language of the aborigines native to the area. The type of lime this name refers to is the finger lime, a delicious but not widely known variety of lime that is not spherical but cylindrical. Its delicious ‘Australian lime caviar’, which is what some call the pulpy little tangy flavor bombs that make up the edible flesh of the fruit, are just one of the pleasant surprises a Mt Tamborine tour holds for you. As if to illustrate the unusual beauty Mount Tamborine holds for you at every turn the limes for which it is known are not only green. Ever seen a pink lime? Prepare to.


Mount Tamborine Is Known For Natural Splendor

In a country where, let’s face it, it’s no special treat to enjoy the heat, getting away to a shadowy green garden of a mountain that reaches only about 25 degrees celsius in the summer is an opportunity to relish. Indeed, it is a special occasion to make the most of. Thankfully, Mount Tamborine is one of Australia’s most welcoming habitats. With its natural gardens, stunning panoramas and well groomed botanical gardens there isn’t an inch of Mt Tamborine not ready to engage the eyes of a walking group or auto tour. No matter where you look on your Mount Tamborine tour you’ll be greeted with beauty and your heart will be filled to overflowing.


Tamborine Mountain Gallery Walk

No Mount Tamborine tour is complete without a stroll down Gallery Walk to enjoy the man-made beauty that the natural beauty has inspired. Gallery Walk is, no surprise here, a walking street populated by a series of boutiques and galleries. Gallery Walk is the purpose built shopping district of Tamborine Mountain but don’t let its intentional tourist-magnet status deter you from enjoying what is an entirely entertaining and quite well done walking street. Wineries, cafes, breweries are all of course available in abundance. Less expected are the cheese making classes and fudgeries where you can enjoy an abundance or treats. Completely out of left field is a German style chalet with a genuine, functional water-wheel calling itself the cuckoo clock nest. Yup, it’s full of genuine cuckoo clocks. Who saw that coming?


Mt Tamborine Glow Worm CavesMt Tamborine Glow Worm Caves

Bridging the gap between natural and artificial is Tamborine Mountain’s glow worm caves. The caves were purpose built as a tourist attraction housing a colony of thousands of glow worms. The glow worm caves host tours consisting of a 7 minute DVD and 15 minute tour with a knowledgeable guide. The tour is indeed educational but the real attraction is simply being in a dark cave illuminated by the dim stars of faintly glowing bugs while listening to the sounds of the caves.


This has been a very small selection of what can be seen during a Mount Tamborine tour. Booking with Brisbane 360 means getting our expert itinerary advice and customizing your tour to your desires.


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